Our Facilities


To support the manufacture of good parts, The good machine is also require. Here are some machines and facilities that we have.

  • Gravity Die Casting Machine1 Unit
  • Sand Casting Machine4 Units
  • Shot Blasting Machine2 Units
  • Heat Treatment Machine (T4-T6)1 Unit
  • Low Pressure Die Casting Machine2 Units
  • CNC Hartford Machine (Model PRO-1000)1 Unit
  • CNC YCM Machine (Model NVX1020A)1 Unit
  • CMM Mitutoyo (Type CRYSTA-APEX S9106)1 Unit
  • CAD/CAM NX Siemens2 Units
  • CAE Casting Simulation1 Unit
  • Spectro Test Machine (Shimadzu)1 Unit

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.